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Benefits of sliding door shower screens

Benefits of sliding door shower screens

The shower is one of the most used things in the bathroom so it is imperative that we get one that is easy to get into and out of.  This is where the door comes to the fore.  One option for our shower screen is the sliding door, and it is a great choice for a number of reasons. Read on for more.

Sliding shower screens save space

One of the biggest benefits of a sliding shower screen in Singapore is that they can be used in even the smallest of spaces. This is because they open by sliding to the side, rather than swinging in or out.  Doing so means that we do not have to worry about the shower door hitting anything when we open it nor will we lose any floor space.

Modern sliding shower screens are easy to clean

Another benefit of the modern sliding shower screen is that they are much easier to clean that the old models that used to abound. Modern sliding screens use a sleeker frame and trackless sills, making them much easier to clean as there are fewer places for hair, soap scum, and grime to get caught.  It is also much easier to get into the nooks and crannies of the new sliding screens so we can keep the screen cleaner without grime building up in previously inaccessible corners.

Sliding shower screens are available in different designs

When we think of a sliding shower screen, we tend to think of the traditional fully framed model but this is no longer the case.  Sliding shower screens are now available in a range of designs, from the new sleek framed models to semi frameless and even fully frameless models.  As well, we can find sliding screens that are flat or that are curved.  We also have a range of choices in the glass that is used in the screens. Of course, the glass is toughened safety glass by law but we can choose from different colored glass, frosted glass, or glass that has been etched or painted with a design of our choice.  Finally, we have a range of choices in the color and style of the hardware that we choose such as the door handles, hinges, and so forth.

Major benefits of sliding shower screens

Custom made sliding shower screens combine classic design with contemporary features making them extremely elegant and stylish. Ideal for any bathroom space, the sliding shower screens makes our bathroom space look much more spacious. Moreover, it never infringes upon any bathroom space because it simply slides and gets stacked.There are several benefits associated with the use of Sliding shower screens when compared with traditional screens.

 One of the most important features of Sliding Shower Screens is that it can get accommodated in any bathroom irrespective of its size. We do not need to worry about losing bathroom space or hitting anything while operating sliding shower screens because they just slide.

?         Sliding shower screens are extremely easy to clean and maintain. With a modern design and trackless sills, there is an easier access available to the nooks and corners of the sliding shower screen.

?         Sliding shower screens are available in a wide range of colors, shape, and sizes. Also, there are different designs which can as well be personalized depending on our taste. Toughened glass is used for enhanced safety while frosted glass, etched glass or painted glass offers style, elegance, and privacy. To read more about all types of shower screen in Singapore check here.